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You'll be great at home schooling! I think whenever God leads us into unknown territory it is easy to 2nd guess and forget that He is the one that led us there in the first place. Especially when it involves our kids- the mommy-guilt sets in. We've had a lot of that around here lately! A pastor of our old church always said, "Where God guides, God provides."


The good thing is that the nervousness only last a few days. I usually don't sleep the night before our first day, I am so nervous! You are going to do a great job and your family is going to be blessed beyond measure. There are so many upsides to homeschooling, you going to love it and I think you're kids will too! Could you tell me about your rewards system? I use something like Sam w/ tickets, as currency and a store that they go to on Fridays. It works well for us, but I think I could do better. Let me know if you have any ideas:)


I'm sure you will be great! I can't wait to hear about it.

Christi Kitt

You will be awesome!


Anxious to hear how everything is going. I'm sure you will be a really FUN teacher!

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