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What a funny little girl! And so adorable too.


Great, great post Jen! What a precious, fun, and addictive personality that Sophie Paige has!! I LOVE that baby girl!! :-)

andrea f.

What a sweetheart! That picture totally cracks me up. Too cute!


Sweet post. She's a cutie. That picture of her is too funny.


Oh... Sophie is just adorable! :) I can't believe you caught a picture of her doing that. So funny!

Christi Kitt

Oh the look on her face is hilarious! She sees an opportunity. Very cute!


First I must say...YEA, I am so excited to see a photo on your blog. I miss you guys so much. And that little Sophie cracks me up. The things she says are so hilarious. Love that girl! Great post.


What a little cutie!

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